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We work in a fast-paced, highly technical industry sector with numerous regulatory constraints around electrical safety as well as Work Health and Safety. The Technical articles section of the NECA Group website is a collection of information sourced from our NECA Group Technical Knowledge Base (TKB). The TKB is a collection of Standards (over $3,500 worth) as well as various Acts, Regulations, Codes and Rules affecting all electrical contractors throughout NSW and the ACT. This information is free for Members. As part of NECAs responsibility to the Sector as a whole, we share some of the more important learnings through these Technical Articles.

  • What are my regulatory responsibilities in the forms of Acts, Regulations, Codes of Practice and Distributor Rules?

  • Do these responsibilities change from State to State?

  • What Standards affect my work and how do I know when Standards change?

  • What questions have my Peers been asking, regarding the Rules and Regulations?

For more information on any of the Technical articles or the TKB, call the NECA Group Contact Centre on 1300 361 099 or email and ask for our Technical Team.

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