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29th June 2021

NSW ASP Scheme Update

In May 2021 the Department of Primary Industries and Environment (DPIE) commenced a full review of the NSW Accreditation Scheme, the review will look critically at all three Accreditation categories. DPIE have engaged an external consultancy firm to carry out the review and provide recommendations.

NECA has been engaged as one of the key NSW stakeholders to provide input. To represent our members to the highest standard we reached out to members to meet with the consultants, answer, questions and provide our views on pain points with the initial and renewed ASP Accreditation process. Some key points raised were:

  • Training and competencies required across all ASP is not up to date with current requirements. These need to be reviewed.
  • There is no scope for transmission work
  • Designer training and accreditation does not reflect industry practice
  • There needs to be grading of ASP/3
  • Need better pathways for all ASPs to upskill the next generation
  • DPIE need to conduct their own independent auditing


The review is also looking at including temporary insulation and vegetation management to the Accreditation Scheme. NECA has sort more information on both of these.

The review is estimated to be completed and recommendations provided to DPIE by the end of 2021.

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