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5th March 2021

NHP have just launched their Pick A Pack promotion!

When you go into your local participating electrical wholesale branch, you’ll find a range of packs from NHP to choose from for purchase, each containing different product combinations. Every pack returns a gift card with a value that is dependent on the pack purchased, redeemable from a wide array of retailers, from sports stores to hardware, auto, cinemas, supermarkets, telcos and more!

By simply buying a selected pack from a participating electrical wholesaler, you can then choose a gift card that appeals to you.



How it works


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Go to a participating electrical wholesale branch and Pick a Pack to purchase. Open the pack and follow the instructions to claim your prize. Once you receive your email, follow the steps to redeem your prize from your preferred retailer(s).


Redeem your prize from your preferred retailer(s)



The Pick‑A‑Pack options for customers to purchase differ from state to state. For full details of the promotion, including the contents of each pack available for purchase in your state, please click here. You can see (right) just some of the retailers where you can spend your prize!

Start the new year with a treat for yourself from NHP. Go to your nearest participating electrical wholesale branch today, Pick‑A‑Pack and win a prize!!!