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19th October 2020

New Clarification of Metering Requirements for Tasmanian Electrical Contractors

The Consumer, Building & Occupational Services (CBOS), has recently released an Electrical Standards and Safety Advisory Note 3 in regards to the Electricity Consumption Metering Requirements (Tasmania) Code of Practice requirements for the location of metering, metering enclosures and associated equipment.

Currently, the Code of Practice stipulates the following requirements:

  • The metering position is the location provided for the installation of metering equipment. Meters shall be located in a position with unhindered access for installing, reading, testing, adjustment and removal, without difficulty or hazard.
  • The area in which the metering is installed shall be adequately illuminated and kept clear, clean and free of rubbish and equipment.
  • Access to meter locations via platforms, walkways, stairways or ladders shall comply with Australian Standard (AS 1657). If there is any dispute about the suitability of the structure, the Metering Provider may request a certificate of compliance from a building surveyor.


To further clarify these requirements:

  1. Meter Enclosure Locations should be located towards the roadside of a property and behind a gate if the installed meter is of the advanced type and has the communications ability enabled. The contractor should discuss the meter location with the owner for future plans.
  2. Meter Heights whereby a meter enclosure should be installed at a height that allows for the top edge of the actual meter/s to be no higher than 2000mm, and the bottom edge of the meter no lower than 600mm.

In addition:

  • Repairs and Alterations such as the replacement of the service conductor or consumers mains, switchboard or any other part of the electrical installation do not invoke the requirement to relocate the meter nor the enclosure to comply with the requirements of 1 nor 2 above.
  • Meter Replacements as part of an aged meter replacement program or tariff change does not invoke the requirements of 1 nor 2 above.

The specifications contained within the Electricity Consumption Metering Requirements (Tasmania) Code of Practice, are the minimum requirements mandated by the Department of Justice, Tasmania. Electricity retailers and their appointed Metering Providers may demand additional or more onerous requirements.


For more information or clarification, please download here a copy of CBOS's Advisory Note 3 on Electricity Consumption Metering Installation Requirements.