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Need help searching the TKB?

Tip 1: It’s not Google – but this is a good thing! 

As TKB can only search through the information NECA Technical upload (rather than searching the entire Internet), you will receive relevant, current results that won’t take hours to scroll through.  New information will be uploaded frequently with prioritisation based on member request.


Tip 2: Search for one or two key words or phrases (subjects) to focus the results. 

For example, RCD, "notifiable work", "current carrying capacity"Clause 3.5.1, recallType the search words into the search field and press ENTER. 


Tip 3: Too many results? Use the + symbol between words (instead of a character space) to create a search phrase.  

For example, typing the words main earth in the search field will currently retrieve 60 results, as it will show all articles with both these words separately in the text. However, if you type main+earth in the search field, it will retrieve only articles where these two words are found together, 16 results. Alternatively, search for a phrase by enclosing the words in quotation marks "  ", for example search for the phrase "on or near".


Tip 4: TKB provides simple full-text search of all its contentshowever, some Boolean and ‘wildcard’ searches are not a feature. 

Refer to the “How our search engine works" section below if you’d like to know more.

Behind the scenes, we will track ‘no results’ searches.  Our aim is to quickly update our knowledge base so in the future when a member searches for that subject, there will be information available.



Tip 5: Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Use our ‘submit a request’ feature. 

We’ll provide a written response including, where relevant, supporting information such as diagrams and links to Standards within TKB.  You can view the response both in TKB and your email in box. Refer to our 'Submit a Request' help article for further information.



Tip 6: Ctrl+F feature (FIND) 

From your computer desktop and Android phone you can use the 'FIND' feature on any screen of our knowledge base, by holding down the CONTROL key and pressing the F key.  A search field will appear on your screen like this.


Type the word you are looking for and if found (either on the screen or within the selected TKB article), the word will appear in yellow highlighter.

This feature is also useful to find particular clauses within long articles, such as a section of the Wiring Rules:


How our Knowledge Base search engine works

Our Knowledge Base provides simple full-text search of all the content within articles.

  • Search returns match only if the search string appears at the beginning (or the stem) of words in articles.  For example, if you search for "test", then articles containing the words "test", "testing" and "tested" will be returned.  Articles containing the words "retest" or "attested" won't be returned because the match occurs in the middle or at the end of the words.

  • The search weights the results based on how closely a variation matches the original search term. The variation "tests" will be weighted higher in the search results because it more closely matches what the user searched for. The variation "testify" will have less weight and appear lower in the search results.

  • Search doesn't return matches for word stems in the search string itself. For example, if you search for funding, then articles containing the words fund and funds won't be returned.  It would be better to search for just fund, then all three options will be returned.

  • Wildcard searches (*, ?, #)  are not a feature within the knowledge base


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