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8th September 2020

Electrical Contractors Be Aware of Queensland Government's Blitz on Unlicensed Electrical Work and Bogus Advertising

The Queensland Government is stepping up its blitz on unlicensed operators advertising through online marketplaces like AirTasker to do home electrical tasks illegally. The compliance blitz came ahead of Electrical Safety Week, which began yesterday.


Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace said the Electrical Safety Office’s (ESO) crackdown on unlicensed services being advertised and illegal work being done has led to a raft of enforcement action. The ESO is also doing everything they can to stamp out these dangerous practices and when breaches occur. 


The ESO inspectors are executing search warrants on premises that are conducting unlicensed electrical work. In just over three months ESO inspectors have issued 75 statutory notices for offences such as non-compliant advertising by a licensed contractor and failure to hold an electrical contractor or electrical work licence.


Ms Grace states that unsafe work means greater risk of shock which could end up in serious injury or death, as well as fire and property damage.


NECA members who are unsure if they are conducting unsafe electrical work practices should get in touch with NECA's WHS HSEQ Coordinator Belinda Binnington on 0487 888 995 or email


 Source: Queensland Government