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27th January 2021

Do You Need to Eliminate Your OHS Risks and Costly Labour Blow Out?

National Cable Installations (NCI) can assist your business to eliminate the OHS risk and costly labour blowouts of cable installation. Australian owned, NCI has been the market leader in Cable Installation for over 22 years. It is the first company to solely concentrate on cable installation and its projects range across many different sectors including mining, rail, infrastructure, construction, oil and gas.


How can NCI help your business?

NCI's aim is to fully understand customer's needs and to provide each customer with products and service above their expectations. NCI can provide you with:

  • experienced labour-hire to meet your cabling deadline;
  • reducing the OHS risks in cable installation;
  • freeing up your permanent crew to concentrate on the rest of the time-critical installation;
  • eliminating costly (and sometimes unknown) labour over-runs;
  • everything required to install your cables including winches, stands, rollers and rope;
  • per metre rate pricing for larger projects, so you only pay for what they install;
  • fixed pricing for smaller projects;
  • HV and LV submains and long haul fibre;
  • a detailed methodology and load cells to ensure cable manufacturer’s specification is not compromised;
  • fully certified equipment; and
  • termination of LV cables services and installation of busduct and cable tray & ladders.


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General Manager: Mick Reed
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Estimator: Lindsay Hart  
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