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NECA 2022 Excellence and Apprentice Awards


2022 NECA Awards - Nominations Opening Soon

Nominations will open soon for the 2022 NECA Awards program! The 2022 program
has a number of exciting new changes.   
We are introducing the NECA Small Business Awards, an awards program designed for small businesses who are making an impact in the industry and deserve to be recognised at the highest level. NECA wants to celebrate Small Businesses across the country.  
The categories will include: 
Emerging Small Business  
(Less than 5 years of operation, employing less than 10 technical team members)  
Are you operating a new, small business and doing outstanding work in your area of expertise? NECA wants to recognise your achievements and put your business in the spotlight. Being part of the NECA Small Business Awards can create a powerful marketing opportunity, as you continue to grow your business plus it provides the opportunity to promote your hard work and acknowledge your team.  
Small Contracting Business 
(More than 5 years of operation, employing less than 10 technical team members)  
Are you operating small business that is punching above its weight? Has your business been consistently producing excellent customer service and work that you are proud of? Taking part in the NECA Small Business Awards is a chance to be recognised for your contributions to the industry and the achievements of your business.  
Small Business Project of the Year  
(Employing less than 10 technical team members)  
Has your business recently completed a project of exceptional quality, workmanship or innovation? Have you been faced with a challenging project that demonstrated your unique problem-solving capabilities? If you are operating a small business with a project worth shouting about, then this category is for you. NECA wants to shine the light on your project and recognise you, and your team’s, achievements.  
If any of those categories sound like your business, then keep an eye on your inbox in January to take part. The awards process is simple and straight forward, and the NECA team is here to help.  
We are also pleased to announce the addition of a new category in the NECA Excellence Awards in 2022the Innovation Award. This award was trialled in WA last year and now makes its national debut in 2022 as we recognise the incredible innovations of our industry’s movers and shakers. If you have an Innovation that you are proud of then we want to hear from you. The state finalists of the Innovation Award will be featured in our NECA Magazine as part of our annual Innovation feature article.   
The Apprentice Awards also return in 2022 with these categories: 
  • 4th Year Commercial / Domestic Apprentice of the Year  
  • 4th Year Industrial Apprentice of the Year  
  • 4th Year ELV / Communications Apprentice of the Year 
Mark your calendar with these important dates:  
NECA Apprentice Awards  
SUBMISSIONS: Open - Monday, 17 January 2022.
                           Close - Friday, 1 April 2022 
NECA Small Business Awards  
SUBMISSIONS: Open - Monday, 17 January 2022.
                           Close - Wednesday, 18 May 2022 
NECA Excellence Awards  
SUBMISSIONS: Open - Monday, 17 January 2022.
                           Close - Wednesday, 18 May 2022 
Please note: 
  • The above dates apply to all states and territories.  
  • Strictly no extensions to submission deadlines. 
  • The full Nomination Guide and Category Criteria will be made available in January 2022.  
  • Access to the NEW, user-friendly submission portal will also be available in January 2022.  
Are you keen to get started on your awards submission?
If you are a first-time nominee, here are some hints to get started before the nominations open: 
  • Now is the time to gather your business or project images (in high-res format). If there was anything truly outstanding or challenging that you overcame - try to capture it in an image 
  • If you are entering the NECA Small Business Awards - gather your client testimonials  
  • Start to think about the aspects of your project or business that make it truly excellent, innovative, unique and worthy of an award  
  • And most importantly – if you need client approval to enter the awards, please have  that conversation with them now, as prior approval is a requirement to enter the awards  
Stay tuned for the Nominations emails in January!  
For project or other event enquiries, contact NECA Member Services on 1300 361 099 or submit request here. 
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