Our awards

NECA is committed to showcasing and rewarding excellence. Over the second half of each calendar year we run a series of state- and territory-based apprentice and project-based excellence awards events. This series generally kicks off in Melbourne in early-August and concludes in Sydney in September. The winners from the state and territory events are then judged by a national panel and the national winners are announced at the prestigious National Excellence and Apprentice Awards towards the end of November. To acknowledge the importance of the industry’s trainers we also invite nominations for the Trade Teachers Award – also announced at the National Excellence Awards in November






NECA Victoria

Friday 4 August (lunch)


Crown, Melbourne


NECA Tasmania

Saturday 5 August (dinner)


Hotel Grand 



NECA Australian Capital Territory  

Friday 18 August (dinner)


Realm, Canberra


NECA Queensland

Friday 18 August (lunch)


Hilton, Brisbane


NECA Western Australia

Friday  1 September (dinner)


Crown, Perth


NECA South Australia

Friday 1 September (dinner)


Adelaide, Convention Centre


NECA New South Wales

Friday 8 September (lunch)


 Sydney International Convention Centre (ICC) 


NECA National

Thursday 23 November (dinner)


Sydney, International Convention Centre (ICC)



Apprentice Awards

The annual NECA Apprentice Awards recognise the best and brightest aspiring talent in the industry. We invite applications at all levels in our states and the fourth year winners are invited to compete for the national awards in November. There are generally three categories for apprentice awards: [1,2 & 3] but some states do have additional categories.

Trade Teacher Awards

These awards are to recognise the outstanding contribution made by trade teachers in continuously raising the standard of education and training in our industry. 

National Excellence Awards

These awards provide our members with the only Australia-wide opportunity to showcase their best projects to their peers, industry, government and their local community. These awards are the ultimate recognition of being leaders in their field. Winners will have shown technical innovation, adherence to safety, delivery on on-time and on-budget, and met many other challenging criteria.

The schedule for our awards varies from state to state – so to find out more about the awards in your state or territory.


NATIONAL - Wendy Ramjee
E: wendy.ramjee@neca.asn.au
T: (02) 98439 8523
ACT - Colleen Clark
E: act@neca.asn.au
T: (02) 6280 5580
NSW - Elizabeth Lombardo
E: elizabeth.lombardo@neca.asn.au
T: (02) 9744 1099
QLD - Kelly Everett
E: kelly.everett@neca.asn.au
T: (07) 3276 7950
SA - Leah Boyce
E: leah.boyce@necasa.asn.au
T: (08) 8272 2966
TAS - NECA Tasmania
E: necatas@neca.asn.au
T: (03) 6234 3464
VIC - Jeremy Nicholl
E: jeremy.nicholl@neca.asn.au
T: (03) 9645 5533
WA -  Claire Gerber
E: events@necawa.asn.au
T: (08) 6241 6100