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23rd January 2020

NSW Government proposals are a critical step for construction industry

22 Jan 2020

The National Electrical and Communications Association welcomed the release of the NSW Government’s plans to improve the construction industry.

NECA has long advocated for improved regulation that will deliver better outcomes for consumers and the electrical contractors, which have been adversely affected by unscrupulous operators in the wider construction sector.

Suresh Manickam, CEO of NECA, said:

“This is a critical step in improving standards across construction in NSW.  What’s important now is the government continues this focus to ensure a level playing field for all industry participants and so dodgy building firms can no longer operate in the state.

“We are looking forward to providing our formal feedback on the plans through upcoming consultation processes.”

The NSW Government proposals are underpinned by Six Reform Pillars that cover legislative and regulatory changes, ratings systems, improving skills within the industry, ensuring contracts help meet standards, digitising the industry and establishing NSW as a leader in modern construction methods.

“It is positive to see the Government taking such a holistic approach to tackle problems that have been the scourge of the construction sector for too long.

“NECA will be reviewing the proposals in full and working with members to make sure no opportunities are missed to improve standards in the electrical contracting industry.” 

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