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7th July 2020

NECA welcomes Tasmanian Government partnership with industry to support construction and infrastructure projects

07 Jul 2020

The National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) today supported the Tasmanian Government’s partnership with industry bodies as it rolls out is $3.1 billion Rebuilding Tasmania Construction Blitz.

Suresh Manickam, CEO of NECA, said:

“Reskilling and upskilling workforces and small businesses is going to be critical as we emerge and come back stronger after the COVID crisis.  NECA identified partnering industry and supporting skills development as being key factors to protect livelihoods in the coming months and it is great to see the Tasmanian Government implementing these types of measures.

“As our COVID-19 Industry Impact Survey shows, electrical contractors are hurting and expect the pain to worsen without government stimulus as the pipeline dries up.  The Tasmanian Government’s program should help to alleviate some of that pain, protecting livelihoods and supporting much-needed construction projects that will put the Tasmanian economy on a strong footing for the long-term.

“The electrical contracting industry is looking forward to being part of the Tasmanian Government’s Rebuilding Blitz.”

Further detail on these recommendations and more information on NECA’s Four Point Plan can be seen here.



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