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12th December 2020

NECA welcomes appointment of new TasTAFE CEO

04 Dec 2020

The National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) welcomes the appointment of Grant Dreher as the new CEO for TasTAFE. Mr Dreher’s wealth of experience developed through other vocational education and training appointments will be an asset to TasTAFE and the ongoing development of new apprentices.

The announcement made by Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training, shows the Tasmanian Government’s commitment to strong educational leadership.

Oliver Judd, Executive Director and NECA spokesperson, said:

“We look forward to welcoming Mr Dreher to the role in February 2021. We’ve had an excellent working relationship with TasTAFE, especially through the development of the new Trades and Water Centre of Excellence, which we are sure will continue.

“The wealth of experience he will bring to the role will be invaluable in the continued high-class training and development of new apprentices in the electrotechnology industry. We look forward to building a close working relationship with him as we see great projects like the new Trades and Water Centre come to completion.”

“Of course, we’d like to thank outgoing CEO, Jenny Dodd. She has set up a strong base for Mr Dreher to continue. We wish her luck in her future endeavours.

“TasTAFE is an important part of NECA’s training programs in Tasmania. The new Centre of Excellence will be a brilliant asset for TasTAFE, and we look forward to seeing how it continues to improve their training capacity.”


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