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17th December 2019

NECA Submission: 'Delivering Skills for Today and Tomorrow'

29 Nov 2019

NECA submission

'Delivering skills for today and tomorrow'

The National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) has released its submission on the Australian Government’s Skills Reform Package ‘Delivering Skills for Today and Tomorrow’. Our key recommendations seek to ensure an efficient, competitive and sustainable Vocational Education and Training (VET) system in Australia, underpinned by industry.

NECA recognises that the future of Australia’s VET is a shared responsibility. Success in being able to deliver skills for today, and tomorrow, is reliant on the electrical and communications industry being wholly integrated to all aspects of the co-design process and all relevant governance arrangements.

The recommendations outlined in our submission:

  • Industry is to be integrated into all aspects of the new VET infrastructure, including membership within the National Skills Commission. It is critical that these reforms be informed and led by industry
  • NECA to be nominated as the Skills Organisation for electrotechnology; as the long standing and highly reputable national industry representative of electrical and communications subcontractors, and with due consideration to the highly specialised nature of our industry and significant economic value, community benefits and necessity of our industry;
  • Given the national economic, social and academic gravitas of the National Skills Commission, and to ensure transparency, probity and accountability, NECA is of the view that the Commission report to COAG Skills Minister’s Council
  • National Skills Commission should develop a high level strategic national workforce development strategy, determine appropriate funding models and consider the needs of all occupations, without bias to emerging occupations
  • Support the National Skills Commission, National Careers Institute and Skills Organisations in principle, subject to robust governance arrangements and active involvement and participation of the electrotechnology industry. In addition, any information generated and provided under the new arrangements be robust, accurate, reliable and current, as informed by industry
  • Cultural change, trust and transparency are key aspects to the reforms, and must be integrated with all new arrangements.

NECA will continue to work with the Federal, State and Territory Governments to ensure a successful future for the Australian electrical and communications industry through the VET system.

For a full copy of NECA’s submission and our key recommendations, click here.

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