Government submissions

12 Jan 2021


January: NECA Submission - Response to NSW draft Design and Building Practitioners Regulation 2020



October: NECA Submission - Future Queensland Government 2020-21 Budget

October: NECA Submission - Response to COAG Energy Council Post 2025 Market Design Consultation Paper

October: NECA Submission - 4 Yearly Review of Modern Awards (Part Day Public Holidays)

September: NECA Submission - Victoria Pre-Budget Submission 2020-21

September: NECA Submission - NSW Pre-Budget Submission 2020-21

September: NECA Submission - NSW Social infrastructure Roundtable

August: NECA + MPAT Tasmania Pre-Budget Submission 2020-21

July: NECA Submission - revised Federal Pre-Budget Submission 2020-21

July: NECA Submission - NSW Statutory Review of the Mutual Recognition (Automatic Licensed Occupations Recognition) Act 2014

July: NECA Submission - Payment Time Reporting Bill 2020

March: NECA Submission - Tasmanian Electricity Safety Bill 2020

February: NECA Submission - Enhancements to UCT Protections

January: NECA Submission - National Skills Needs List - Methodology Discussion Paper

January: NECA Submission - National Agreement for Skills and Workforce Development


December: NECA Submission - Federal Pre-Budget 2020-21

December: NECA Submission - TAS Pre-Budget 2020-21

December: NECA Submission - ACT Pre-Budget 2020-21

December: NECA Submission - Review of Senior Secondary Pathways

December: NECA Submission - NSW Regulation of building standards, building quality and building disputes

November: NECA Submission - National Skills Package Reform 2019

November: NECA NSW Response to CMIG consultation on Metering Installation Requirements

October: NECA NSW Submission on the draft Design and Building Practitioner’s Bill 2019

August: NSW Building Stronger Foundations Discussion Paper

June: Supporting the NSW Energy Sector


25 June: National Review of Security of Payment Laws Final Report (Murray Review)

30 April: Effect of Red Tape on Occupational Licensing

27 April: Review of WHS Regulatory Framework in the Building and Construction Industry

4 April: Letter Regarding Fire Protection Qualification Review

8 March: Electrotechnology IRC - NECA response to Key Findings Discussion Paper


21 December: Federal Pre-Budget 2018/19

19 December: NSW Pre-Budget 2018/19

19 December: Tasmanian Pre-budget 2018/19

November: Application for waivers from the Electricity Distribution Ring Fencing Guideline

16 October: Letter to Rockliff - Centre for Excellence

September: ACT Pre-Budget 2018-2019

August: Draft amendments to the Ring Fencing Guidelines submission on the draft amendments to the Ring Fencing Guideline 

22 August: CFMEU's legislative reform proposals

04 May: Review of  Security of payments laws 

02 March: Energy Efficient Lighting Consultation RIS

23 January: ACT Electrical Industry Pre-Budget 2017-18 Cover Letter

23 January: NSW Pre-Budget 2017/18

11 January: Tasmanian Electrical Industry Pre-Budget 2017-18



04 November: ACT Pre-Budget 2016/17

27 September: Treasury Laws Amendment (Enterprise Tax Plan) Bill 2016

27 September: Senate inquiry into Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Amendment Bill 2014

31 August: Employability Skills Training Consultation Paper

11 March: Quality of Vocational Education and Training Assessment

15 Feburary: Senate Inquiry into Building and Construction Industry (Improving Productivity) Bill 2013 No.2

28 January: ACT Electrical Industry Pre-Budget 2016



28 August: Inquiry into Vocational Education and Training in the ACT

21 August: Senate Inquiry into Non-Conforming Building Products

18 August: Australian Infrastructure Audit

15 July: China-Australia Free Trade Agreement

31 May: Tax reform White Paper Discussion

24 April:Senate Inquiry into the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Amendment (Improving the Comcare Scheme)

13 March: Inquiry into workplace Relations Framework

05 March: VIC Electrical Industry Pre-Budget 2015

18 Feburary: Review of Training Packages and Accredited Courses



19 December: Training Package Development -- Towards a Contestable Model

12 September: Fair Entitlements Guarantee Amendment Bill 2014

01 August: Improving the model Work Health and Safety laws

23 July: Vocational Educational and Training Reform  – Draft RTO standards

10 July: Competition Policy Review 2014

20 June: Inquiry into the Trade Support Loans Bill 2014 and Trade Support Loans (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2014

12 June: Emissions Reduction Fund Green Paper

12 June: Model Work Health and Safety Codes of Practice

30 May: Inquiry into Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Legislation Amendment Act Bill 2014

23 April: Inquiry into the Fair Work Amendment Bill 2014



17 January: Fair Work (Registered Organisation) Amendment Bill 2013



12 October: Regulation Impact Statement National Occupational licensing

12 October: Occupational Licensing (Electrical Occupations) National Regulations Occupational Licensing National Law Amendment Bill 2012 

17 Feburary: Fair Work Act Review


29 November: ACMA Review of Customer Cabling Regulatory Arrangements

19 August: Integrated Energy Efficiency Retrofit Services -- Accreditation for individuals and Companies

12 Feburary: Model Work Health and Safety Codes of Practice


December: Sham Arrangements and the use of Labour Hire in the Building and Construction Industry


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