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19th September 2017

Electrotechnology IRC Skills

08 Mar 2017

NECA recently announced that there is a new process for the maintenance and development of industry training packages which includes the establishment of Industry Reference Committees (IRCs). These bodies are charged with the responsibility to ensure training packages reflect industry identified workforce outcomes, licensing and regulatory requirements and support national portability of skills and competencies.

A principle role of an IRC is to provide a conduit for industry feedback and advice to government on industry trends and other general intelligence for their industry sectors to assist in the process of training package development and review. As a part of that process the attached “Key Findings Discussion Paper” has been constructed from intelligence gathered from our industry. This will be used by the Electrotechnology IRC – chaired by NECA SA Executive Director Larry Moore, to develop the Electro-technology IRC Skills Forecast and proposed Schedule of Work for the future development of a new Electrotechnology Training Package, that will ultimately replace the existing UEE11 training package.

The Discussion Paper provides an explanation on page 1 of what is required and “how to provide feedback”. It is extremely important that industry has a say in what is contained in training packages to ensure that training of our apprentices is relevant and current.  We therefore strongly encourage members to provide feedback to this paper – instructions for giving feedback are on the final page of the paper.

For further Information about ElectroTechnology IRC Key Findings Click Here

For further Information on the recent appointment of NECA SA’s Executive Director as IRC chair Click here 

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