EcoSmart Electricians -- a wholly-owned subsidiary of NECA

13 Jun 2014

This unique program – developed and implemented by NECA, is a national training and accreditation program for qualified electricians.  It provides resource skills in all aspects of energy management, sustainability and energy efficiency.  The program is specifically designed to provide expertise and skills encompassing all aspects of energy efficiency through design and integration of technology and product application.

Upon successful completion of the training package qualified electricians gain EcoSmart certification and the business that employs them achieves EcoSmart accreditation. A certified EcoSmart Electrician has the expertise to provide crafted solutions delivering best practice outcomes along with increased project value and sustainable energy outcomes.

Don’t just get a qualified electrician... Get an EcoSmart qualified Electrician

“By Reducing your electrical energy use, you cut your energy bills” says Ian Johnson from EcoSmart Electricians. “In recent years the rising cost of energy has had a real impact on on many businesses and households. Due to inefficient use of energy, Australians are spending substantially more money than they need to on electricity,” adds Ian.  “By reinvesting any savings you make in energy operating costs the money can be used to further reduce bills by upgrading equipment, creating your own energy with solar panels or simply paying off loans. The first step is to develop an energy efficiency action plan. By following simple steps and getting additional advice from an EcoSmart Electrician who specialises in energy efficiency is the best way to proceed.”

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