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8th August 2017

Disruption may be the name of the game in today's fast paced technological world... but could we minimise pain?

08 Aug 2017

In this session NECA – the electrical industry’s peak employer body, invites integrators and end-users to share the challenges they face when sourcing, and even working with, electricians. As the electrician is often the last person to be brought into the process, we often find ourselves having to deliver bad news to either the integrator or the end-user in regards to the compatibility, or applicability, of the proposed components. And no one likes to seen as the party pooper. We believe that one of the fundamental problems is that electrician is brought into the game too late. So we would like to open up the debate as to how this process could be improved to allow the electrician to bring his or her full set of skills and expertise to the table earlier in the process. NECA will be joined in this Q&A session by five business partners Philips, Siemens, Gerard Lighting, CSIRO & Liveability who are all very active in the smart building and home automation world.


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