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21st August 2018

Australian business needs certainty from government

21 Aug 2018

Australian business requires certainty from government to underpin effective commercial decisions and to invest in new projects that will reduce power bills and create employment opportunities.

Consistency in decision-making and continuity in government policy are key factors that boost business confidence and deliver jobs growth.

“We are disappointed that recent instability in Canberra has led to uncertainty for the business community,” said Suresh Manickam, CEO of the National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA).

Decisions and reported back downs on the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) and company tax cuts are key outcomes for the Australian business – large, medium or small.

“In order to properly plan for future investment, we need Government to be unequivocal with its policy and legislative actions,” said Manickam.

NECA calls upon the Government to present a clear and united position with regards to the NEG, in particular for those businesses involved in the solar and renewable energy space.

“In the context of renewables and energy efficiency, NECA members tell us on a daily basis that more could be done, however, consumers remain confused and disappointed with government policy so they are unwilling to invest,” said Manickam.


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